Linda S. Glaz: Passionate about Writing and Writers

With a fiction tagline as creative as we all wish ours could be—Suspense sealed with a kiss—is it any wonder that Linda S. Glaz is a multi-published author of historical romance and romantic suspense novels?

linda-s-glazThe happily married mother of three—and grandmother of three—says, “Suspense wakes me up, slaps me across the face, and acts like ten cups of coffee. I love it.”

Linda particularly likes to write about creepy characters that readers love to hate.

“There are scary people out there, and it’s wonderful to write about them in the warmth and safety of home. Besides, creepy people have some crazy stories to tell. So why not let them? Add in a bit of romance and what’s better?” she says.

With life experience in the Air Force during the Vietnam conflict, teaching women’s self-defense, and refereeing and teaching soccer for 25 years, Linda draws on her varied background while writing and editing. Adding an enthusiasm for musical theatre to her penchant for adventure rounds out her ability to create intriguing characters and plot lines that keep fans coming back for more.

As a literary agent for Hartline Literary Agency, Linda welcomes suspenseful fiction from attendees at this year’s Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, but she also says, “Don’t stop there. I go gaga over historical [fiction], contemporary and historic romance, and even an occasional nondescript genre. While I shy away from sci-fi and most types of spec fiction, I have even been known to take one or two of those.”

What’s she really looking for?

“I’m not looking for good books,” Linda says. “I’m looking for great, exceptional novels that force me to stay plunked in my chair—reading, reading, and reading without a break. And while you’re at it, be sure you’ve developed a strong social media platform. Don’t you just hate that word? So do I, but alas, it’s necessary in today’s competitive industry.”

Though she admits she doesn’t “connect with a lot of nonfiction,” Linda says she’s “always happy to have a peek.”

With those parameters in mind, do not bring her hard copies or proposals for children’s books—or anything that has graphic sexuality or profanity.

Always the encourager, Linda says, “I’m not choosy as long as it’s…well-written. The most important thing being whether or not I have a place I can take it to. Just because I say no doesn’t mean it isn’t a great work!”

In addition to seeing writers at the Renewal, Linda will also serve on a publishing experts panel and teach a two-part workshop:

Ready…Set…Begin!: In this 2-part class, emerging authors will discover how to look like professionals in a crazy upside-down industry. What’s a WIP? Does it matter how I format? Why? What do agents and editors expect? What makes them go crazy and reject a submission? Learn essential hints and tips; understand terminology, writing basics, and what all writers need to know! (Emerging-writer level for both classes)

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