Ben Wolf: A Renegade in the Flash-Fiction Marketplace

By Elizabeth Griffin

Ben Wolf could be classified as primary evidence in the argument against giving children Ritalin.

Are you offended by that statement? Read the section titled “Who is Ben Wolf?” on his website, and I think you will agree. Tested for ADD as a child but never diagnosed with it, Ben was one of those kids who teachers try to—but never quite can—contain.

Thank goodness for that. And kudos to Ben’s parents for not squelching his enormous imagination and creativity. As a result, by seventh grade Ben was writing complete works of fiction. Since then he has added editorial expertise and publishing prowess to his skill set.

Ben’s novels run the gamut from vampire tales to the Wild West to sci-fi to children’s books. All involve action and adventure.

In addition, this award-winning author heads up Splickety Publishing Group (SPG), through which he caters to readers with short attention spans and/or very busy lives. Splickety publishes three flash fiction imprints: Havok Magazine (speculative), Spark (romance, formerly known as Splickety Love), and Splickety Magazine (young adult).

When not writing, Ben runs a professional editing and proofreading business. In his spare time, he is a jiujitsu and kickboxing practitioner, and he also loves to sword fight, play video games, and volleyball. And he has a family. The man has lots of energy!

A wonderful addition to last year’s Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, Ben returns this year in search of flash-fiction-story writers who have concise, poignant fiction between 300 and 1,000 words that fits one of SPG’s scheduled upcoming themes.

“We want stories that hit fast and strike hard––stories that, no matter the genre, can cut through the day’s troubles and grip readers with short attention spans,” Ben says.

Ben is not looking for previously published flash fiction; scenes or excerpts or synopses from novels; excessive violence, profanity, or erotica in any form; and thinly veiled stories that preach from a soapbox of any sort—political, religious, or other. Additional submission guidelines are available on Splickety’s website.

Ben will also teach the following workshops:

10 Steps to Better Time- and Stress-Management for Authors

How do you juggle a marriage, kids, a day job, volunteering at church, working with your critique group, and still have time to pursue a writing career? How do you manage the stress of so many things demanding your time and attention? Did you know it’s possible to use that stress to your advantage, rather than having it weigh you down? Take this class and learn practical steps to time and stress management that will enhance your writing productivity. (Emerging-writer level)

Acting Out: Fighting Basics for Authors

Back by popular demand this year! Are you a fiction author, a screenwriter, or involved in a creative capacity in visual media? As an ongoing student of martial arts and a former stage combat instructor, Ben will teach you specific fighting techniques that you can immediately apply to writing more accurate, believable fight scenes. As a bonus for folks tired of sitting all day, this interactive class will get you out of your seat and into some fun-but-safe action. (Intermediate level)

Self-Editing Your Manuscript for Success

Sagging middle? Wordy prose? Tighten your editing belts and trim the fat from your manuscript with proven self-editing techniques. In this class you’ll learn how to identify excess, sloppy writing in your manuscript and how to cut it out on both micro- and macro-editing levels. (Advanced level)


To attend Ben’s workshops or to schedule an appointment with him or one of our five other editorial reps at this year’s Renewal, register today!


Elizabeth Griffin has worked as a writer and editor for a monthly lifestyle newspaper elizabeth_griffin2for the past decade. She has published more than 500 articles in newspapers, anthologies, and magazines, in addition to the books Fragile X, Fragile Hope: Finding Joy in Parenting a Child with Special Needs and Margot’s Story. Elizabeth’s favorite subject matter is true stories about inspirational people. She loves to speak truth into the lives of others and has been a Bible teacher for 15 years. Her current passions are writing for an international network of church planters and her blog Follow the Dots.