Craigslist Helped Steve Hutson Become an Agent

By Diana Savage, director of the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

Several years ago, Steven Hutson was minding his own business as the founder and owner of a manuscript critique-and-editing service for aspiring authors. Client subject matter seemed to cover every topic from Bible study to yoga to credit repair. Life was good.

Then he added to his responsibilities by answering the call to manage a writers conference near Los Angeles. He enjoyed increasing his connections in the publishing industry.

One day Steve placed an ad on Craigslist to promote the editing service. As he had hoped, the response was fantastic. But one inquiry shocked him.

SteveHutsonPinable“A film producer asked us to adapt his screenplays into novels and then pitch the books to publishers,” Steve says. “We hesitated. That’s what an agent did! Certainly there were others more qualified.”

But then Steve decided, Why not? He realized he already knew most of the people who were needed to undertake the project. His success gave Steve and his team confidence to set up shop as a literary agency in early 2011.

Today, WordWise Media has four agents and serves forty-five authors. Client books have been placed with a variety of publishers, and several of their authors have also won prestigious awards for their works.

On Friday, May 15, at the 2015 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, Steve will meet with writers in group appointments. If you would like to pitch your proposal to him, please follow guidelines concerning what he would like to see and what he’s not looking at right now.

On Saturday, May 16, Steve will also present the workshop:

20 Reasons You’re Not Getting Published – Are you tired of getting rejected by agents and publishers? Identify the most common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Hint: It might have nothing to do with the quality of your manuscript.

Steve is one of those rare individuals actually born in Los Angeles instead of moving there from someplace else. He’s been a storyteller since he learned to talk and is convinced that the Wimpy Kid books were based on his childhood.

Although the writing bug bit him early and never let go, Steve didn’t immediately become a published writer with a career in the publishing field. Along the way he took business courses in college and also found gainful employment as a clerk typist, vitamin buyer, waiter, forklift operator, lifeguard, bookkeeper, grocery manager, printer’s apprentice, and meat cutter.

In other words, he understands authors who must maintain day jobs while striving to find time to write and get published.

To meet with Steve and attend his workshop on how you can improve your chances of publication, sign up today for the 2015 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal!


DianaSavageDiana Savage, a graduate of Northwest University and Bakke Graduate University, sold her first article when she was still in college, and she’s been writing ever since. Now the principal at Savage Creative Services, LLC, she is also director of the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference. Her latest book is 52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times.