Guest Post Guidelines

Three-fold mission of Northwest Christian Writers Association:

  • Develop our writing skills. No matter what we write—fiction, nonfiction, magazine articles, devotionals, websites, or other types of writing—we want to do it with excellence.
  • Teach others. We offer critique, encouragement, networking, and training for writers of all experience levels.
  • Encourage each other to love God more deeply and know him more fully. We strive to please the Lord with our prose, but our success is ultimately measured by how we’ve honored God through our efforts. We believe the story of life is not about us, but about him.


We welcome your blog contribution as long as you keep our mission in mind and follow these guidelines:

  • NCWA does not accept guest posts from professional guest bloggers as a means to promote their products or sites.
  • Your submission should relate to NCWA members, events, meetings, our writing journey, writing tools, or topics related to our mission.
  • All submissions must be in MSWord format as attachments.
  • Your post should be between 500 to 700 words in length. Please edit for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Please include an image that can be pinned to Pinterest. (Find a tutorial here.) At the bottom of the article, include one or two short lines that can be used on Twitter to promote the article. (Find a tutorial about TweetLink here.) Our Twitter handle is @NWCWriters and hashtags are #amwriting #NCWRenewal #conference.
  • Your post can be an adaptation of a post from your personal blog, provided you’ve tailored it for NCWA readers. Please read posts on the blog to see if yours might fit the criteria.
  • Your post can be a reaction to (absolutely not a reprint of) another article, blog post, etc., provided you have written permission from the author to quote on NCWA’s blog and you include that permission as an e-mail attachment. Please provide the exact source of the written piece you’re reacting to. The only exception would be anything in the public domain.

NCWA editors will attempt to keep your original post intact but may need to edit to keep within guidelines. We will let you know of any major changes. You have the right to say, “No, thank you.” So does NCWA.

E-mail your post to:

While your post should not simply be an ad for your writing, you are welcome to mention a current project and include a graphic (thumbnail) of your book, if available. Please submit a short bio (approximately 50 words), along with a picture of yourself. Also include a link to your website and/or blog.

NCWA Guest Post Guidelines were adapted from Laura Christianson’s model at Blogging Bistro.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Hey, Arlene, thanks for reaching out. We no longer publish articles previously published, we are looking for new material. If you have anything new pertaining to the writing life, we would love to consider publication. Thanks again for the connection.


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